Homeopathy accomplished wonderful results in Spondylosis and Osteomalacia.
Life of a poor embroidery worker was made easy and effortless with homeopathy. Her long standing pain was also relieved.
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An embroidery worker of 25 years age came with complaint of pain in lumbosacral region and gluteal region since 8 - 9 years. She was diagnosed a case of Ankylosing Spondylosis with osteomalacia.

It was more since 2 months. Because of nature of her work, she had to sit whole day and it aggravated her disease condition. It started from lumbar region, then ascended till neck and after some days involved all the joints of the upper extremity and to its lower extremity. She could not lie straight. Pain was of electric type. It increased with walking, touch, standing and in winters. There was significant deformity of spine and hips.

She was thin and had wheatish complexion. She liked fish, rice and cold water very much. She hated sweet. Her thirst was less. Sweat was profuse on back. She believed that she is always correct and could not listen to wrong things. Silent places were her favourite. Noise irritated her. She was shy and introverted. Also she used to cry when family members were cribbing. She liked cold weather.

Based on her symptoms she was given Natrum Phosphorica. With subsequent follow ups and treatment on the same lines, she improved and her pain also reduced. She could freely carry her occupation with the help of homeopathic treatment.

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