Rejuvenate your hair and health after typhoid- Take homeopathy
Most of us suffer from ill effects of many major diseases. This is such a case of a young boy who recovered from typhoid 6 months back but had marked hair loss and weakness, got revitalized with the vital homeopathic medicines within 15 days of treatment.
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A young boy 16 years of age came with severe hair loss and marked weakness. Even with slightest physical or mental exertion he would get tired.

His memory and understanding power had reduced drastically. His digestive powers also weakened with frequent sour eructations and rumbling in the abdomen He was better lying on bed by warmth of bed.

His hair fall extended to such a great extent that his pillow would have wholesome amount of fallen hair every time he woke up.

On understanding and analyzing the case, patient was prescribed Acid phos 30C which helped the patient to recover within 15 days.

His hair fall completely stopped and started gaining back his lost vitals.

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