Hair falls like water! – Beautiful case recovered by homeopathy
Case of young female with severe hair fall and migraine got wonderful results with homeopathy within a short period of time.
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This is an interesting case a young lady 27 years came with hair fall. Her scalp has become so sensitive that even the slightest touch or comb, hair starts falling.

The patient also suffered from migraine which was aggravated by sun, better by rest and vomiting. She loved pickles and salts.

Mentally she was very emotional with a changeable mood. She did not like any one to console her when she was angry or sad; she liked to be left alone and would get back by herself.

On the basis of totality and analysis of the case patient was prescribed Natrum mur 200 C 3 doses for 3 days and repeated after a month

The hair fall stops, migraine was better and the patient recovered completely.

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