Forget about your patchy scalp and get back your hair by taking homeopathy
An amazing case of a girl aged 12 with multiple patches of hair fall from her head with severe itching since 1 year got great relief in just 4 months with the power of homeopathic medicine.
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A female patient of age 12 came with her mother. She reported of severe hair fall in multiple patches. The hair would get tangled with each other and fall off.

She was suffering from this condition since 1 year

There was itching in the spots which was more in the night and she would keep on scratching with no relief followed by burning.

The other hair patches was also grey in colour.

In the mental history her mother told that she was very irritable and peevish.

She would cry and fight for every silly and small thing in the house. Her face would become red with least anger

She was thirst less and hunger paused when she had few mouth full's.

After understanding and working on the case she was prescribed Vinca minor 6c.

In the first follow up the patient's hair and entanglement was better.

Patient started recovered well with continuous treatment in a period of 4 months.