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In the patient's words:

I am glad I started homeopathy for my Allergic colds complaints. The medicines have not only helped me to overcome my colds, but also helped me to become more stable emotionally. Thank you Homeopathy and Dr. J. Shah.

Female/ 22 yrs

Diagnosis: Allergic Colds

Mrs. D.R., a 22 year old patient, reported with Allergic colds since about 3 to 4 months.

Her main complaints were:

  • Continuous runny nose and greenish watery discharge, as soon as she would get up in the morning, during an acute attack she had to remain in bed for 6 to 8 hours feeling lethargic and run down.
  • Feverish feeling, irritation in the nose and throat with burning in eyes and headache.
  • Her complaints were worse from cold climate, cold drinks, ice creams, juice, in A/C, from fast fan, early morning, after a bath, from change of temperature and mental stress.
  • She would feel better in the evening, by avoiding washing of the face, from warmth in general and she would feel much better from love, affection and consolation.

Her other complaints were giddiness that would be worse on standing and better by lying down. She also had graying of hair since the age of 21 years.

She had no history of any significant health complaints in the past.

The patient was a tall, slim, beautiful and fair woman and came from a very rich family and was pampered and brought up in a very luxurious and protected environment. After marriage, she always longed to go to her mother's home as she liked to spend money and liked to have her own cash, which she could not have at her in-law's place since there was a limited amount available for spending.

Mrs. DR could not conceive as her husband had oligospermia and she said that she was feeling jealous and extremely upset since her sister-in-law was pregnant for the second time. She would get lot of negative thoughts on account of this and would weep a lot.

Previously she had been reserved and only after entering the University, she started making friends. Her memory was weak and used to forget names, and even relatives.

She was very emotional, moody and talked a lot without reason. By temperament she was very sensitive and short tempered and would take tension of numerous things without reason.

She said that she had tried to please everybody after marriage but had been repeatedly hurt by her in-laws. The patient would weep easily and her weeping would be better by consolation. She was feeling much depressed when she reported to us. She was very scared of lizards, cockroaches and other insects.

Mrs. DR was prescribed Gratiola 6 for her complaints. She gradually started feeling better and her symptoms decreased in severity and frequency. Her colds became much less over a period of time and by the time she completed 6 months of treatment, she was completely free of all her symptoms. Not only her physical complaints but also her mental symptoms improved with the treatment and she stated feeling more comfortable mentally.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in Allergic colds cases.

Conclusion: This case indicates how homoeopathic treatment helped a 22 year old lady patient from her troublesome allergic cold complaint. She was completely free of her complaints after regular 6 months of treatment.

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