Rosacea No More With Homeopathy!
"Red!" This was what this 17 year-old boy who consulted us was nicknamed at school. Why? Because he had a fiery red face and red lips. Diagnosed as Acne Rosacea, he consulted us for treatment. Within 15 days of taking medicines, his condition improved and he regained his confidence.
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Rosacea No More With Homeopathy!

His predicament had begun gradually a year ago, but had suddenly flared up in the past 4 months. A dermatologist diagnosed him as having Acne Rosacea and prescribed antibiotics and laser surgery.

His eruptions did not just look fiery, they felt fiery too! He had a lot of burning pain with soreness and his pain would begin suddenly out of the blue.

There was flushing along with burning and redness which aggravated in hot and cold atmosphere.

On delving into his life history, he revealed that he was a very short-tempered person and his face would take on the shade of red whenever he was angry.

After the understanding and analysis of the case, we came up with and prescribed the remedy Belladonna 6c.

15 days after the first dose was given, the boy reported back saying that the flushing and pain had reduced by 50%.

Further treatment for a period of 3 months ensured that his eruptions reduced considerably and pain disappeared