Acne Wiped Away with Homeopathic Treatment in Just 5 Months
Acne was being a constant obstacle in this corporate professional's life. With our homeopathy treatment, her acne improved in just 5 months!
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Rosacea Wiped Away With Homeopathy In Just 5 Months With Us!

A 33 year-old woman working in a reputed multinational company consulted us in desperation for her Acne. She had painful pimples on her face, and her face was bright red and swollen.

She had been recently diagnosed as having Acne Rosacea and was advised to go for Laser surgery to get the blood vessels of her face obliterated.

She reported that her complaints always increased in cold weather.

Further case taking revealed her to be a person who had a strong desire to be appreciated and would get jealous if someone else in her company, or her sibling would get praised and not her.

She was a highly ambitious woman, and according to her, her looks were coming in the way of her progress.

Based on a complete analysis, we prescribed the remedy Calcarea Sulphurica 30 and told her to follow-up with us after a month.

She reported back after a month, delighted to say that her pimples had begun to reduce, and even the redness of her face had come down to a great extent.

She continued getting treated by us for a further 5 months within which even her attitude towards her colleagues improved.

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