Corporate Corner
Corporate Corner

"For the tree to flourish, the roots need to be strong!" Your Organization is like a tree. You and your employees are the roots. Corporate Success can come only after Corporate Wellness!

For this WelcomeCure brings to you unique, customized, corporate health plans.

Join Us and Enjoy Amazing Health Benefits!


Artificial intelligence driven Data and Analytics to manage the workforce more efficiently and realtime tracking of reduced leaves and increased productivity.


Global Integrative Care Experts At Your Fingertips

Get senior & experienced doctors from both Modern (Allopathy) & Traditional Medicine(Homeopathy) to provide quality care via Tele-Medicine


Saving Hours of Precious Time

Your employees can dedicate more time to work, because they don't have to worry about time taken for physical Consultation.


Less Absenteeism, More Work

We keep your Organization healthy. Healthy employees means better productivity, and better productivity breeds Success.


Health Empowerment

Health is not just about medicines. We teach your employees to make Health their way of life.


Care Beyond Compare

Periodic reminders and trackers, health tips and pep thoughts for you. We are committed to your health!

your family is protected too

Your Family Is Protected Too

We include your employees' families too in the Corporate plan. Because Health is a combination of a healthy home and healthy workplace.