Slow and Steady improvement seen with Homeopathy in this long standing case of Vitiligo!
Tired of taking medicines for so many years, this 45 year old turned to homeopathy for natural solution to Vitiligo. Homeopathy is showing signs of improvement with development of pinkish healthier spots and the progress of the disease has also been stopped.
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45 year old male, a businessman, had been diagnosed with Vitiligo and was on conventional medicines since last 6-7 years. His Vitiligo was extensive and the white spots were sprawled across the abdomen and back. White spots were also present on the web of fingers, toes and the margins of the scalp. He had a habit of smoking around 8-10 cigarettes and having alcohol almost twice a week. He was mentally very disturbed by his problems as none of the medicines were helping him at all. He was explained the chronicity of the complaints and the need of taking homeopathy for considerable periods of time. He was prescribed Ars Sulph Flav.for a month. There was very little improvement in the white spots, but he did not notice any new spots. He continued medicines for 3 months, and there were very minute small pinkish dots appearing centrally within the large white area. Medicines were continued and after a year, the white patches on the margins of scalps had started to vanish gradually. Even 2 years later, the treatment still continues to show improvement in this chronic case of Vitiligo which was not treated otherwise in so many years.
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