A "Thank You" letter makes the homoeopathic treatment of a mare with uterine prolapse, worth the efforts.
This mare with uterine prolapse, fails to respond to the treatment of local veterinary doctor, but responds beautifully to homoeopathic medicines. A “Thank You” letter from the mare's master, adds that extra value to the efforts of the helpful physician.
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Mac, 5 years old mare's master mailed her condition to the physician stating that there is continuous staining from the vagina of the mare and the local veterinary doctor treating her, had noted her uterus to be congested and diagnosed it as a case of uterine prolapse. Mac was given varied range of antibiotics and analgesics, but there was hardly any positive response. The helping physician took her case in hand and prescribed homoeopathic medicines for her.

Mare was given Lilium tigrinum200, and the very next day the vaginal staining stopped and the uterine swelling came down. Thus she beautifully responded to homoeopathy.

After one month, the efforts of the helpful physician were graced by a Thank you letter sent by the mare's master, and also stating that Mac the mare is doing well without any further relapses.