Consistent treatment at Welcome Cure led to long-lasting relief from Ulcerative colitis
A persistent homeopathic treatment gave marvellous results to a distressed young male with frequent visits to washroom had made this young male life miserable.
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34 year old male, had been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis since 1 year. Semi-solid stools with increased frequency, about 10-12 times a day were his chief complaints. Stools were mixed with mucus and blood. Complaints were aggravated by having sweet or sugary foods. However, he had a great affinity to sweets and could not control eating. He also complained of cramps in the lower abdomen before passing stools. Occasionally, stools would be greenish in colour. He was married, had a child, and worked as a stage actor. He was mentally very restless and anxious. He was very insecure about his profession which made him take some impulsive decisions. Based on the totality, he was prescribed Arg. Nit. Homeopathic medicines helped him get better within almost 3-4 months. The frequency of the stools had reduced greatly. For 6 months, he did feel some cramps before passing stools but they were of reduced intensity. He had continued medicines for almost 2 years for a total relief in ulcerative colitis. His appetite was better in general and frequency of stools reduced to only 2 times a day which was normal in consistency.
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