A young CA gets treated for Ulcerative colitis at Welcome Cure!
A young lady was helped with homeopathic treatment and her problems of frequency of stools and bleeding were solved wonderfully.
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30 year old female, a CA by profession, approached us for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. She was already on many conventional medicines with little relief since 2 years. Her main complaints were frequent stools, around 4-5 times a day with severe urge and pain in abdomen. Stools were semisolid, along with bleeding. She had been losing weight drastically due to this. She hailed from Rajasthan and shifted to Mumbai post marriage 3 years back. It became very difficult for her to adjust in the new surroundings. She used to practice while in Rajasthan, but now she was not allowed to do so. She felt extremely suppressed by her in laws and felt a boiling anger within which she could not express. All her problems started post marriage. Based on this important detail, Staphysagria 200 was prescribed. Within a month, bleeding in stools had reduced considerably. The frequency of stools reduced as well. She did not feel the pain and urgency now. After 3 months of homeopathy, she had developed tremendous faith in homeopathy and she stopped all her other medicines. Mentally, she felt lighter and happier than before. She continued to take medicines for a year with remarkable improvement in her physical and mental symptoms. Post a year, there seemed to be no relapse in her condition.
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