Homeopathy achieved breakneck success in tonsillitis!
Homeopathy not only prevented tonsillitis in a child but also checked its recurrence.
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A ten year old student came with complaint of tonsillitis since 3 years with difficulty in swallowing solid food. He had recurrent cough and coryza which increased by cold things and junk food. He had constipation with less appetite.

He had recurrent fevers due to recurrent tonsils. He was thin, hyperactive, with light hairs. His appetite was diminished. He liked cold drinks, ice creams, eggs, junk food, and cheese. He had constipation. His sweat was profuse and offensive. He liked cold weather. He had salivation during sleep. He was good in studies, but used to make spelling mistakes. He was very irritable, careless, restless but was obedient. He was timid. He used to talk like elder. His teeth were black and decayed. He threw things in anger. He had fear of dogs. After getting exposure to cold his throat became red form inside.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Merc Sol 200. After a week, there was no pain on swallowing and redness was reduced. Throat was normal. In general, he was better. He could eat food easily. His family was satisfied.