Critical and challenging state of threatened abortion handled by a homeopath successfully is worth applauding.
A 3 months pregnant female having pain in abdomen and spotting was given homeopathic treatment in a hospital. Her critical state of threatened abortion was well handled by a homeopath, thus helping her to continue her pregnancy without any such situation further.
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A 28 years old lady was having her second pregnancy and she was in her third month in March 2005, when she had complains of pain in the abdomen with spotting since two days. She described the evolution of her complaints as follows:

  • 2 days back her abdominal pain started at night and was followed by vaginal bleeding.
  • Bleeding was minimal but the pain was similar to labour pains.
  • The abdominal pains which were bearing down in nature, compelled her to sit crossed legged and hold on tightly. This made her feel better.

She also had a chronic complaint of itching in vagina, which increases in the night accompanied by increased desire for sex.

She didn't want this second pregnancy as her first child was just 2 years old. To add on to her present state, there were certain conflicting issues with her husband. She says her husband is too busy with his work, even at home, to spend some quality time with her. This irritates her. She had some issues with her sister in law which lead to living separately. Her husband, an executive in Telecom Company, travels often. She feels left all alone in the big house with nothing to do much at household front.

When she is alone she fears that something bad is going to happen; and also gets scary dreams of ghosts and dead people, and she wakes up suddenly perspiring profusely. She is dissatisfied with her husband, as he is unable to have sex with her everyday because of his demanding work schedule. This issue has lead to many quarrels between the couple. Her increased sexual desire is present even during pregnancy.

Per speculum vaginal examination showed cervical erosion with bright red discharge.

Patient was admitted in a hospital set up and kept under observation. She was prescribed initially for pain and bleeding sepia 200. On day 2 her bleeding stopped but her pain continued with the same intensity.

So she was given Sep 1M, which didn't help her pains even on day 3. Further prescription was based on some more details obtained from the patient, and she was prescribed Fluoric acid 1M. On day 4, she was much better with no pain and bleeding, and was discharged on day 5. In July 2005 she reported for the last time in her 7th month of pregnancy, having no complaint whatsoever, including her sexual desire which came back to normal. The efforts taken by the homeopath to tackle the critical situation of threatened abortion is worth applauding.