A Case of Recurrent Stomatitis was efficiently relieved by homeopathy
Homeopathy prevented recurrence of mouth ulcers. Patient also improved in general health.
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A man aged 40 years, had came with complaint of repeated mouth ulcers. He had severe pain, inside cheek, he was unable to eat or drink. This complaint was since last 2 years. He had received much treatment, but there was always recurrence. His tongue was frothy. It had small vesicles. His lips also has crack at the centre.

He was working as a salesman, in a MNC. He was married with one child. He had frequent quarrels with his wife due to financial issues. He had frequent headache due to this grief. When he used to be upset, he wants to be left alone. He did not like sympathy from others.

His appetite was good, but could not eat due to apthae. He liked salty food, rice and vegetables. He used to drink lots of water, yet felt thirsty.

His father had died of cancer. His grandmother had high blood pressure.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Natrum Muriaticum.

After a week there was there was no relief. But in general, he was feeling better. So treatment was continued on same line. After 10 days, his apthae healed. Pain was less. He had no history of headache. His apthae healed. One year later he had no recurrence.

Thus, homeopathy completely prevented recurrence of mouth ulcers.

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