Case of Vaginismus in a newly married lady solved with Homeopathy in just 5 months!
Painful sexual intercourse was the chief complaint of this young lady; she approached us for homeopathic treatment after being disappointed by other lines of treatment. Homeopathy treated her successfully and her sexual dysfunction was overcome naturally.
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27 year old lady, married since 6 months, had chief complaints of pain during intercourse. She was never able to have intercourse in her 6 months of marriage. She was interested and inclined to have sex mentally, but her physical problem did not allow it. She was diagnosed with Vaginismus and had been under some muscle relaxants given by her gynaecologist which did not work. She cooperated well with foreplay, but any attempt at coition left her screaming with pain, leaving both disappointed. She was frustrated, tired of her situation and had a constant fear that her husband would leave her for other woman due to her incapability. She was prescribed Platina. Within 3 weeks of the homeopathic medicines, improvement began. She no longer suffered with pain and continued her medicines for another 5 months.
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