Homeopathy comes as a boon for this couple offering them a healthier sexual life!
Frustrated by her husband's impotence, wife convinces him to try homeopathy with us. Homeopathy treats his erectile dysfunction gradually yet successfully.
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34 year old male patient had come with the chief complaint of impotency. It was difficult for him to get an erection. He was on conventional medicines since last 2 years. His sperm count was very low too. He was obese; mildly hypertensive and his cholesterol levels were raised. He has a past history of depression 12 years back for which he had taken medicines for almost 2 years. Depression started after his father expired when the patient was young and he was then strongly dominated by his mother. Despite his history, he got married, and started dominating his wife. He started treatment only on the insistence of his wife after a lot of convincing. He was prescribed Lycopodium. For 2 weeks, there was no major improvement in his condition. Psychotherapy, diet and exercises were also required in parallel. Homeopathic treatment had been continued extensively for almost 6 months, when he started showing signs of improvement and erection which sustained for a short period of time. After 1 year of treatment, he was showing good improvement and the treatment is still going on.
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