Homeopathy helps a bank manager get free from sciatica!
Troubled by his shooting pains in hip and knees, this 48 year old approached us for treatment of sciatica; homeopathy rapidly helped him to get better.
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48 year old male, a bank manager had main complaints of pains in hip and thigh since 6 months. Pains were intolerable on standing, with the feeling that the thigh would break down with this pain. He had severe cramps in outer side of thigh, extending to the hip. There was tingling pain and numbness in outer side of calf when sitting. Pains worsened in morning and when rubbing the affected part. He also had severe backache with the above complaints. His limbs felt very weak. There was persistent right heel pain. He was prescribed Valerina and repeated at timed intervals. His complaints were wonderfully relieved within 15 days of treatment. The pains, tingling and numbness had significantly reduced and he continued medicines for 8-9 months for complete relief.
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