Homeopathy plays saviour in sciatica for this 63 year old lady!
Despite taking many treatments, this lady continued to suffer from sciatica. Her wise decision of choosing homeopathy helped get her out of her miseries.
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A 63 year old female, a housewife had been diagnosed with sciatica since 5 years and was on many medications ever since without any major relief. Her main complaints were pains in the lower back radiating to right hip extending to the knee and heel, pain increased with any movements. Complaints were more prominent during cold weather. She also complained of tingling and numbness in the same area. The pains come suddenly and leave suddenly, with a burning sensation, and worsened at night. She also felt great contraction of the thigh and kept her limb drawn upward always. Pains relieved with pressure and heat. Based on the given symptoms, she was prescribed Colocynth and repeated at regular intervals. Her pains started relieving within 2 days of starting the treatment. The tingling and numbness reduced too. After 3-4 months of homeopathy she could move her limb without fearing about the pain.
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