Dogma of Homeopathic medicine in constraining the source of the stigma of scabies in stray dogs gets reproved.
Ages have witnessed the evidence of spread of stigma of scabies from street dogs to domestic pets and human race. Dogma of efficacy of Homeopathic medicines in constraining the infection of scabies in street dogs is reproved by a project undertaken to treat scabies in street dogs successfully.
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A project with a noble cause to treat scabies in stray dogs was undertaken. Stray dogs have been the source of this stigma of scabies infection, from where it spreads to various pet dogs coming in contact with them. Then its turn of children who most of the times handle these pet dogs, and get infected with this stigma of scabies. It then spreads from children to the whole family, thus it spreads to human race too.

Homeopathy as a system of medicine has been efficient in treating human maladies and animal maladies too. As the protocol of project, Homeopathic medicines were given to scabies infected stray dogs, thus remedies like Sulphur 1M and Acid Floricum 1M was fed along with milk by calling all stray dogs in a common place. Within a span of 4-5 weeks, the project yielded 90% positive results.

Hence thanks to the project as this reclaimed the dogma of efficiency of Homeopathic medicines in constraining the source of stigma of scabies infection in stray dogs.