A horse gallops on the tones of good health, as Homeopathy halts the progress of sarcoid tumor on his penis and treats his warts too.
A horse gets diagnosed with sarcoid tumor of his penis with several warts. He receives Homeopathic medicine which helps him recover well and he avoids the unnecessary surgical intervention too. Thus the horse gallops on the tones of good health.
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A 17-year-old, male Horse Named Jaan was taken to a Civil Veterinary Hospital, with a complaint of a conic, pointed tumor on the penis shaft which grew rapidly. On further examination three pea-sized nodules were palpable. Moreover, there were several pedunculated warts on his penis shaft.

It was observed that, new wart like elevations were present; the sarcoid tumor grew outwards and displayed a scurfy surface and chronic discharge from the penis with warts.

The horse had a history of fistula in the neck and an abscess after being vaccinated. So the history of the horse was investigated in detail to elaborate further homeopathic aspects, including mind symptoms and the character of the horse. It was seen that the horse was behaving anxiously.

Considering this history and the clinical presentation of the horse, the treating Homeopath prescribed for him initially Silicea 12 C. After this, the large sarcoid tumor continued to grow outwardly and fell off by itself after 8 weeks. Two further sarcoids also vanished during this time. Four weeks later he was given Thuja 200 for the warts on the penis shaft, the chronic discharge from the penis and the sequelae of vaccination. After some weeks the warts on the penis shaft fell off. The homeopathic treatment has caused a deep immune modulation so that the tumor could be cured and to avoid surgery. Later, the horse received Phosphorus 200, after which he remains healthy until today.

Thus the unnecessary surgical intervention was avoided, and Homeopathy halted the progress of sarcoid tumor on the penis with warts; thus the horse now gallops on tones of good health.