Prompt Homeopathic treatment with Welcome Cure helps this student fight ringworm!
Embarrassed by fungal infection, itching and scratching, this 19 year old student approached us for homeopathic treatment.
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A 19 year boy, a student, had been suffering from ringworm on web of fingers, forearms and armpits. He had itching, red rash causing him to scratch a lot followed by burning. He confirmed that he used to sweat extensively. Complaints started 5 months back. He started feeling very awkward and avoided going out. He hesitated to shake hands as well. This was making him very short tempered and irritable. He also had headache especially when going out in sun. He was prescribed Nat Mur. He was greatly relieved with homeopathy in 3 weeks. There was marked improvement in his itching and the rash had started reducing. He continued medicines for further 7-8 months.