35 year old teacher gets rid of ringworm infection with homeopathy!
The various anti fungal creams and ointments were not useful against ringworm, this 35 year old lady surrendered to homeopathy for complete relief.
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A 35 year female, teacher by profession, had severe fungal infection since 15 days. She had itching all over her body with increased perspiration. She had rash, reddish eruptions, in the inner thighs, abdomen as well as back. She suffered from ringworm on and off since many years and each time she was treated with anti fungal creams and ointments without any relief. She constantly complained of feeling hot all the time and heavy perspiration. She was aggravated by the touch of clothes to her body too. Itching was intolerable. She was given Calc Sulph based on her personality. She showed wonderful signs of improvement within 2 weeks of starting the treatment. She continued medicines for another 3-4 months in which there was no remission of her condition.