Homeopathy effectively relieved renal stones of student.
Homeopathy not only relieved renal stones but also instilled confidence in student, and left her satisfied.
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24 year old unmarried female patient came with bilateral renal stones associated with pain in left side of abdomen. It increased by bending and decreased by warmth. Also she had backache and nasal polyps.

She underwent surgery of right eye for squint 5 years back. Her father had rhinitis and mother had hypertension and thyroid complaints.

She was emaciated and thin. Her appetite was diminished. He liked spicy things, raw rice and clay. She disliked potatoes. Her thirst was less. She had constipation. Her sweat was offensive. She was chilly.

Her period was regular. It was blackish and offensive with severe pain in abdomen. It was better by warmth. She had complaint of leucorrhoea which was thick, white and sticky and acrid.

She was good in studies but was never confident. She was naughty at home but calm outside. She was emotional, easily got hurt and started weeping. She was hard working and not satisfied with her studies. She was nervous, confused and indecisive, unconfident, anxious. She wanted to sit alone and quietly when angry. She was irritable on comparison. She had anxiety about health and fear of dead bodies.

Based on her symptoms, she was given Alumina 200. After 15 days, her pain was better. Sleep, appetite, urine, stool were normal. After a month renal stones were cleared. Coryza was better. Her confidence also improved. After another month she was better in her all complaints. Pain during menses was better. There was no recurrence of any complaint.

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