Homeopathy achieved incredible results in recurrent fever.
Not only recurrent fever was relieved with homeopathy; but confidence and concentration of a child also improved with homeopathic treatment.
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A student of 11 years age came with complaint of recurrent fever after the interval of 15 days since 2-3 years. He also had headache and recurrent styes on left eye. He was lethargic. Coryza was thick and yellowish causing obstruction of his nose.

He was pale, sickly, delicate & unhealthy child. He had ravenous hunger with desire for salty things. He had offensive perspiration. He liked hot weather. He had salivation during sleep. He used to lie on abdomen and talked in sleep. He had frightful dreams. He was very talkative. His concentration was not good. He had suicidal thoughts due to his illness and was restless, disobedient and wanted to be pampered always. He became irritable on small things and shouted in anger. His dentition period was very difficult and had diarrhoea at that time. His breath was fetid.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Psorinum 200. He started improving; he did not get fever thereafter. His coryza also improved. His concentration was better and he was very happy.

His parents praised homeopathic treatment.