Efficacy of homeopathic medicines in labor cases is enhanced as it aids a primigravida with non-progressive labor to deliver successfully.
A full term, young primigravida with non-progressive labor was given homeopathic medicines. Her labor pains were augmented and she progressed well to deliver a baby boy, thus demonstrating the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in labor cases.
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Mrs. S.K., a 20 years old full term primigravida comes to the center with mild pain in the abdomen at 10 am.

On per vaginal examination her external cervical os was 2 centimeter dilated, and the patient was found to be in first stage of labor.

She was given Caulophyllum 30 and was admitted to the ward for further management.

After 2 and half hrs, the labor pains progressed and contractions had improved but the os had only dilated by 1 centimeter hence homeopathic medicines were continued.

At 2 pm after 4 hours of admission, she starts getting strong labor pains and was asking for water. Her external cervical os was 5 centimeters dilated with caput formation (swelling over baby's head). Homeopathic medicines were continued, and at 3pm she had very strong labor pains with increased thirst for water and exhaustion.

On examination her external cervical Os was 8 centimeters dilated with caput formation, but normal fetal heart sounds.

Plain intravenous drip was started, while she was asked to bear down.

At about 4 pm, after 6hours of admission there was no further progress in cervical dilatation, inspite of strong labor pains.

It was then that a second remedy Belladona 200 was given for spasmodically contracting cervix and to assist in progress of labor. Within 15 minutes her cervix dilates completely and she successfully delivers a baby boy.

Thus the efficacy of homeopathic medicines is demonstrated as it assisted a primigravida at all stages of labor to successfully deliver a baby boy.

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