Homeopathy gave permanent relief from Post nasal discharge
Complaints of post nasal discharge with sneezing and headache improved with homeopathy.
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A man of 46 years age came with complaint of Post nasal discharge with sensation of something in throat. He had coryza since last 22 years. Coryza was worse on taking cold things and weather change and was better by taking warm things. It was sometimes watery or sometimes thick yellow. He had complaints of sneezing and headache with heaviness of head.

He was dark, tall with frowns on forehead. He liked to eat warm food. He craved butter. He hated cheese and eggs. His sleep was disturbed due to complaint of coryza. His perspiration was offensive. He liked hot weather. He had salivation during sleep. He dreamt of business. He had habit of smoking and alcohol.

He was very naughty as a child, bit his brother, and threw things. He was disobedient & average in studies. He was careless and obstinate child. Now he was business oriented and worried about only business. He was unable to memorize, concentrate & not satisfied with his performance. He could not forgive easily. He was always in hurry and was reserved.

He was sensitive to noise. He sat alone when in anger. He had fear of death. Felt great constriction in chest with irritation in throat, heaviness of head.

Based on his symptoms he was given Nitricum Acidicum 200.

After a week he felt slight better. He could concentrate more on work. Appetite was good, no constipation, sleep was good without any bad dreams.

With same line of treatment after 15 days, his sneezing and heaviness of head was better. He could work for long time in his shop.

After 15 days, his complaint of post- nasal discharge reduced. After a week, he felt better.

Appetite was good, no constipation, sleep was good. He was happy and more confident with treatment. After another week, he was much better.