Homeopathy at Welcome Cure takes away the complains of severe constipation and piles!
Severe constipation and bleeding piles were the main problems of this patient; he considered homeopathic treatment and gave it try. He was astonished with the quick and wonderful relief it offered in piles.
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63 year old male complained of bleeding from anus with protrusion of soft mass during stool which receded after passing stools since 2-3 years. Hard dry stools were passed with difficulty and followed by a feeling of prolapse of rectum.

He also suffered from lower back pain. There was burning and itching in anus. He feels that anus is full of small sticks pricking them.

According to his presenting symptoms, he was given Aesculus for 1 week. He had felt much better with homeopathy, and the piles did not protrude any longer. Constipation was relieved to a great extent. Within 9 months, he was feeling completely alright.

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