Piles since 1 year healed in just 3 months with Homeopathic treatment!
Tired of ointments and laxatives, this 39 year opted for homeopathy for his chronic piles with bleeding and severe constipation. Homeopathy ensured a natural, rapid recovery from his piles.
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39 year old male suffered from piles since last one year. His main complaints were severe constipation and stools had to be expelled with great force. Haemorrhoids protrude after every stool and there was a cutting pain experienced at the anus. Anus burnt and felt constricted. The burning and pain reduced with cold water.

There was bleeding from the anus with or without stools. Pain in lower abdomen was experienced while passing stools. His problems had led to severe irritability and depression. He had tried many ointments and laxatives but none of them helped.

He was given Ratanhia for 15 days. There was significant improvement in haemorrhoids, the size had decreased and his bowel movements were much better. After 6 months of homeopathic treatment, his bleeding had totally stopped, there was no constipation and he felt better in general.

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