Homeopathy helps get rid of piles in this 42 year old woman!
Agonized by her problem of piles with bleeding and menstrual disturbances, this lady approached us for homeopathic treatment; homeopathy swiftly relieved her.
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A 42 year old female was suffering from painless bleeding piles followed by tremendous weakness which was out of all proportion to the amount of blood lost. Character of bleeding was dark. There was a sore, bruised feeling at the anus with great burning after stools. Complaints started 3 months back.

Along with piles, she also suffered from menstrual disorders. She had heavy menstrual bleeding which lasted for 7-8 days. Pain in abdomen gets aggravated during periods and while passing stools. She was tormented by her complaints.

Based on her symptoms, she was prescribed Hamamelis for a week. She reported a week later with almost 50% reduction in the bleeding, soreness and pain. She continued her medicines for just about 1-2 months, by the end of which, she felt completely better and there were no symptoms of piles.

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