Homeopathy healed peptic ulcer disease rapidly and effectively.
Severe case of acidity with headache improved with homeopathy. Also patient's general health improved.
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A male patient of 29 years age came with complaint of retrosternal burning in chest and abdomen since 7-8 months. Burning in Chest region with distension and belching. It was worse by oily food, tea and fasting for long hours.

Also he had headache since 10 years on and off at frontal area. It was throbbing pain, which always increased with acidity. He had nausea on and off since 6 months with sour, watery, fluid vomiting. He was thin and dark. He liked tea and sweets very much. His sweat was scanty. But during pains there is profuse cold sweating. He was chilly patient. His sleep was not refreshing due to anxiety and had constant thoughts about health. Dreams were amorous.

He was very much anxious about his health. He was short-tempered, got easily angry. He used to get violent and hit the opposite person. Became angry if someone contradicts or interrupt him. He had fear that something would happen to him. He was always in hurry & did not like delay. He could not forgive and forget. Kept on changing jobs. He was intolerant of dominance, had suicidal impulse. He did not trust people. He became abusive in anger.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Nux Vomica 200. With few subsequent follow ups, he was better, he was stable at job and even anger decreased. Headache also improved.

He was generally well and felt very fine and was very happy with homeopathic treatment.

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