62 year old lives with a new hope and a healthy life, fights Parkinson's disease with Homeopathy!
Grief-stricken and troubled by Parkinson's disease, this 62 year old lady approached us for Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy has given her tremendous relief in her condition.
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62 year old lady had chief complaints of muscle weakness and burning pains in her legs. She had tremors while handling objects and was unable to do any kitchen work. She would drop the things clumsily due to her trembling hands. She developed tightness in the muscles of her arms and difficulty in carrying out certain tasks. She had been depressed since last 5 years after her husband had expired and she started feeling lonely and abandoned. During this time, she started experiencing these symptoms gradually and she was diagnosed with Parkinson�s disease a year later. She was given Nat. Mur after a detailed analysis. She slowly received positive results with homeopathic treatment. As a result, her mental symptoms were also improving. Within 9 months, her symptoms of tremors and rigidity also reduced and she was able to hold things and do some small chores with much confidence. Homeopathy is still giving her successful improvements and relief in Parkinson�s disease.
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