Bank manager finds amazing relief in Parkinson's disease with holistic Homeopathy!
Tremors of hands, instability and tightness of muscles were the main symptoms in this 57 year old retired bank manager. He opts for homeopathic treatment and sees unbelievably positive results.
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57 year old, a retired bank manager had been diagnosed with Parkinson�s disease since last 2 years. He has been on Levodopa since then. His main symptoms included tremors of the hands and fingers, instability while holding things, stiffness of the limbs leading to pain and muscle aches. His activities had drastically reduced and he was slow to move about. Apart from these physical symptoms, mentally he felt depressed, anxious and angry about his condition. He had totally lost his self-confidence. He was unable to take decisions. His problems had started while he was working and had to retire because of inefficiency. He was prescribed Lycopodium. He did not show a major improvement for at least 5 months, but he was hopeful and held on to homeopathy. After almost 6 months of continuous treatment, his tremors began to reduce and his stiffness decreased. Overall he was showing gradual improvement. Even after a year, he continues to take medicines, as he has been feeling a lot better.
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