Parkinson's disease improved with homeopathic treatment
A gloomy lonely old lady not only relieved from her tremors complaint, but also became more confident and happy with homeopathic treatment.
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A 60 year old housewife came with complaint of Parkinson's tremor. She had vertigo while standing, since 2 years. There were cramps in calf muscles. She had episodes of fever with weakness.

Her father, sister & grandmother died because of diabetes. She was fair, with lax muscles and stoop shouldered. Her appetite was diminished. She liked salty things and fruits. Her thirst was less. Her sweat was cold. She was comfortable in cold weather. Her sleep was disturbed due to rush of thoughts. She had anxious and frightful dreams. She had menopause 10- 12 years back.

She was quiet without any desire to talk. Her husband expired due to asthma 10 years back, so she felt very lonely & nervous, when anybody felt ill, and could not sleep. She was hurt when anyone was rude to her. She was inexpressive of her thoughts. She used to remain absorbed in thoughts of past. She was confused and indecisive. She had negative thoughts. She was easily angered but could not show. She did not like interruption. She was suspicious, hopeless, forgetful and irritable and anxious of her health.

She was given Coculus 200 based on all her symptoms. After 15 days, symptoms were as it is but her appetite improved. After another one month, with same line of treatment, she felt little better. After a week, her vertigo was better. Appetite was good, no constipation, sleep became good with no bad dreams. And she could go easily to toilets. Treatment was continued. After another fortnight, there was slight improvement in tremors. She felt slight better and confident to move outside of house in neighbourhood. After a week, chorea movements very much improved. After another 2 weeks there was great improvement in choric movements and all generals were also fine.

She was very satisfied with treatment.

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