Homeopathic medicines ease the apprehension of a primigravida in labor pains to help her deliver smoothly.
A young primigravida gets apprehensive of her labor pains, and doesn't co-operate with the doctors during delivery. Homeopathic medicines when intervened eased her apprehension and helped her deliver the baby smoothly without much of hassle.
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Mrs. Patel, 20 years old primi-gravida was previously managed on two occasions for her premature labor pains.

In December 2012, she came to the center in active labor in the morning with complains of mild pain in the sacral region.

Patient was admitted in the ward for observation, but no progress was noted overnight, with normal fetal heat sounds. She didn't allow per vaginal examination.

It was enquired later on that she required a lot of coxing from the family and doctors to get admitted in the previous two occasions, and she would deny having any complaints with refusal to been examined.

The next morning she denied enema, which was required for the assessment of her stage of labor.

After having a talk with the patient, she admitted being apprehensive about the whole process of delivery, as it would be immensely painful.

Her detailed case examination let to the prescription of Arnica 1M. After 15 minutes, she agreed to take an enema & get examined.

On examination her cervix was 3 centimeter dilated, and after the enema her labor pains increased in intensity and got regular. The pains made her scream, and again became very uncooperative, denying examination.

A homeopathic remedy, Chamomilla was given to her, which pacified her and allowed her to bear down. Soon her cervix was fully dilated and she progressed to deliver a male baby.

Thus in this case we saw how homeopathic medicines alleviated her apprehension of labor pains and helped her deliver the baby.