Homoeopathy clears the vision for a man with injury induced vitreous floaters in the right eye
A 20 years old man complains of vitreous floaters in the right eye post injury to his right eye. Homeopathic medicines help him to get rid of his eye complaints and get a clear vision of the world back.
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Mr. B.S. 20 years old male suffers an injury to his right eye and undergoes a surgery for removal of intraocular foreign body and silicon IOL implantation approximately 2 years back in November 2002; followed by AC IOL implantation 5 months back i.e. March 2004. Presently he complains of vitreous floaters in the right eye, and was diagnosed with vitreous floaters in the right eye with secondary glaucoma and recurrent vitreitis in August 2004.

He likes vegetables and spicy food stuffs, and would avoid sweets. He is intolerant of cold weather and has scanty sweat.

Mentally, his father runs a laundry business, and his family kept shifting homes frequently to different cities. In bargain this lad could not study because of frequent shift of residence; and later in spite of wanting to study, he was hesitant as he had left school about 4 years ago. He dislikes being alone and fears darkness. Even if he gets angry he would not express it. He feels sad and weeps if someone dies in the family.

He had history of malaria 1 year back.

Family illnesses consist of father having cervical spondylosis, Pleural effusion (20 years ago); mother had cholera twice.

On examination his vision was -Right eye- 6/9; Left eye- 6/6

Intra ocular pressure (IOP) 12.2 (both eyes)

On slit lamp examination- vitreous floaters were seen.

He was prescribed Arnica , and after a month his vision improved while floaters reduced. After about 2 months, his vision was right eye- 6/12; left. eye- 6/6, IOP - 17.3 Slit lamp showed clear anterior chamber with few vitreous floaters, pupils reacting and IOL in place. He followed up for approximately a year still recovering with the help of homoeopathic medicines to get a clear vision, while been kept under check for relapses.

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