Steroids take a back seat while homeopathy heals a woman with right eye vitretitis
Post right eye cataract surgery a woman in her late fifties develops vitretitis in the same eye. She fails to respond to local steroid drops and injectables, which takes a back seat while homeopathy heals her right eye vitretitis.
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Mrs. K M, 58 years old woman underwent cataract surgery for her right eye 2 months back and developed blurring of vision after that. She was diagnosed with vitreitis of the right eye. She took treatment from her ophthalmologist, who prescribed local steroid and atropine drops for her. She was also given retro bulbar steroid injections. Her plight seemed never ending, as she was not responding well to this treatment. It was then in June 1994 that she was referred for homeopathic treatment.

Her appetite has gone down for the past 1 month; she prefers to drink chilled water. She likes spicy food. Her perspiration is offensive and stains yellow. She has been menopausal for the last 11 years; and intolerant of cold climate.

Of late she has been quiet a lot irritable; she has a weeping tendency too. She likes company.

On examination findings her right eye had vitreous haze; vision was poor with ability to count fingers.

On the commencement of her homeopathic treatment, she was prescribed Arnica.

After about a month's duration her vision improved from finger counting to 6/12 with glasses; yet she had pain in the right eye with photophobia, she was then prescribed Belladona followed by phosphorus till about October 1994. Her vision started improving only with homeopathic medicines and not when she was on steroids.

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