Homoeopathy provides help in obesity for a 9-year-old.
A 9-year-old was brought to us by his parents with complaints of excessive weight since childhood. Homoeopathic medication aided in weight loss easier and he was much better after 12 months of medication.
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Parents of a 9-year-old brought him to us with complaints of excessive weight since childhood. He had a family history of obesity and both his parents were obese.

They said that they were concerned as the child was not able to perform routine activities easily due to his weight. They added that he used to get tired easily and hence avoided any kind of physical activity.

He suffered from excessive sweating especially around the head. His sweat was sour smelling and left yellow stains on the clothes.

He did not like any kind of mental or physical activity. He also suffered from severe constipation, his parents added that he did not pass stools for three four days at a stretch.

He showed a peculiar symptom of craving for indigestible things like chalk, coal, pencils etc. he also liked eating eggs and sweets. His parents added that he had excessive hunger and used to get angry and irritable with hunger.

Based upon his symptoms we gave him the Homoeopathic remedy Calcarea Carb along with dietary instructions and regular physical activity.

He showed reduction in weight over a year and thus was able to enjoy playing outside and other forms of physical activities he previously loathed.

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