Weight loss became easier for a 49-year-old woman!
In spite of exercising and diet control, a female patient was not able to reduce weight, regular Homeopathic medications for eight months accelerated her weight loss and she was back to her normal weight by the end of 15 months of treatment.
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A 49-year-old female came to us complaining of weight gain over a period of five-six years. She said that all her complaints started since she started developing menopausal symptoms. She said that her metabolism had become sluggish and in spite of diet and exercise, she kept gaining weight.

In general she was overweight, had intolerance to cold and also complained of constipation.

She added that she was hungry almost every two three hours. She suffered from a lot of flatulence and had a constant sensation of heaviness in the abdomen.

Detailed case taking revealed that along with these complaints there was also a change in her mental symptoms. She had become indecisive and apprehensive.

According to her symptom picture we gave her Homeopathic remedy Graphites along with instructions for regular diet control and exercise.

She showed improvement over a period of eight months with gradual weight loss. She was able to achieve her ideal weight for height by the end of fifteen months.

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