Homeopathic medicines assisted the mother to deliver and did nothing less than a tiny miracle for the newborn with birth asphyxia
An unregistered primigravida comes to the center, and with the assistance of homeopathic medicines delivers a baby, who lands into birth asphyxia. Here homeopathy does nothing less than a tiny miracle for the newborn to help him take his first breath.
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A 23 year old primigravida came to the center with no previous Anti natal record, and was unregistered. She was full term and in active labor.

On per vaginal examination external cervical os was 8 centimeters dilated with membranes bulging and regular fetal heart sounds. Within few minutes, the membranes got ruptured, and most of the amniotic fluid was thrown out in one gush. After this she suddenly appeared to be exhausted, had profuse perspiration and demanded for fanning and water.

She was prescribed Carbo veg 30 as her condition indicated this remedy. She responded well to the remedy and her labour progressed further, and finally she delivered a baby. The new born was warm, but was not responding on been stimulated and had no muscle tone at all. The baby was intubated, and the pediatrician was called for, while Ambu bag ventilation with oxygen was started for the baby.

The baby failed to respond to any of the measures to stimulate him, and the doctor's team started losing all hopes for the baby. Then homeopathic medicine opium 200 was introduced for the baby, and what happened next was a tiny miracle for the newborn. Doctor's team heard a grunt, and in few seconds the baby started breathing spontaneously .The baby was subsequently shifted to NICU for further management.

Thus not only the mother was assisted by homeopathic medicines to deliver a baby, but the newborn with birth asphyxia also took his first breath with the help of homeopathic medicines.