Homeopathy Ensured Dynamic and Prompt Relief in Case of Multiple Sclerosis
A critical case like Multiple Sclerosis in a 25 year-old woman was successfully relieved with Homeopathy. Read on to know how correct homeopathic treatment brought about remarkable improvement in her speech and movements.
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25 year-old female came with complaint of loss of sensitivity in limbs and muscle weakness, muscle spasms and difficulty in moving. There were difficulties with coordination and balance. She could not speak or swallow properly. She was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis.

She used to get easily tired. She could not control her urine or stools. She had severe vomiting that became worse on changing position. She was also experiencing giddiness since the past one month. Also, since recently, she could not maintain proper balance while on her feet.

She was a housewife and had one son. Mentally, she was dull and was unable to understand anything. Sometimes she was delirious was always worse during and after sleep. Her problems increased with heat. She was better by cold things and cold environment. Her appetite was diminished. She had increased thirst. She was also suffering from constipation. She felt drowsy always and had frightful dreams.

Based on her symptoms, she was given the remedy Opium in homeopathic potentized form. After a few follow-ups, she was better. Her difficulty in speech improved. She could walk better.

In her subsequent follow-ups, based on her symptoms, she was given Plumbum Metalicum. Her vomiting also stopped.

Homeopathy thus helped this young woman to regain back her life and not only she, but her family too was extremely happy with her improvement.

Before Treatment

Before Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

After Treatment

After Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis