Homeopathy attempts to sweeten the Bitterness of life of a man with tongue cancer
A man being diagnosed with cancer of tongue gets operated for it and takes radiotherapy. Despite of these measures, his bitterness in life owing to his complaints of mouth continues. Its then with Homeopathic medicines that an attempt is been made to sweeten up his bitter life.
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A 57 years old man was been diagnosed with cancer of tongue 2 years back, and had undergone surgery for the same followed by radiotherapy. He visits a Homeopath post operation as he was still experiencing some tormenting mouth symptoms, which are as follows:

  • Burning sensation in the mouth with pain.
  • Salivation in mouth is absent with sticky sensation and dryness
  • Stomatitis
  • Offensive smell from the mouth.

He weighed 39 Kilos, while pulse was 80/min. and blood pressure was 130/97mmHg. He was diagnosed to have squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.

His appetite was poor and he was constipated. He also complained of frequent urination in the past. He was sensitive to heat as well as cold as he used get cold and cough on been exposed to cold weather.

He was quite an irritable and fastidious person, who had lot of anticipatory anxiety. He had lot of obstinacy.

In the past he has had jaundice, malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid.

His entire case details were analysed and he was prescribed remedies like Bryonia, Phosphorous which helped him reduce the burning and sticky sensation in the mouth. He also started having salivation in his mouth while his stomatitis was also under control.

Thus, with the help of homeopathy the bitterness in his life due to cancer of tongue was sweetened to an extent, as his post operative stage was much better.

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