Homeopathic Medicines Successfully Treated a Young Lady with Vomiting in Pregnancy
A young woman, pregnant for the first time, was suffering from intolerable nausea and vomiting. With the help of Homeopathy, she found sustained and joyful relief.
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A 23 year old pregnant woman consulted us complaining of persistent vomiting since 6 days. She had continuous nausea in the morning. She was to complete 2 months of pregnancy in few days.

She has taken conventional treatment but the medication didn't help her. She had sour taste in her mouth with sour vomiting. Vomiting was worse on travelling, and this hampered her work since she was a bank executive who had to travel everyday by car.

There was increased thirst but drinking water or juice caused vomiting. She complained of indigestion since 3 days.

Nux vomica was prescribed on the basis of symptoms but there was no improvement.

On retaking her case, patient told that whenever she had acidity she would immediately get a rash all over the body which disappeared only after vomiting.

On the basis of this characteristic symptom, Ipecac was given. Her complaints came into control quickly, and within a few days, she was alright.

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