A young primipara is no longer perturbed by constant nausea, as homeopathy alleviates her morning sickness.
A young lady who is 1 and half months pregnant has been facing the daily menace of morning sickness for the past 5-6 days, consults a homeopath. To make things better for her homeopathy deals with her persistently perturbing nausea and alleviates her morning sickness.
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A 23 years old primipara 1 and half months pregnant, visits a homeopath with complaint of morning sickness for the past 5-6 days after she indulged in overeating.

Her complaints are as follows:

  • Persistent nausea and vomiting not better with allopathic medicines
  • Her nausea is not relieved by vomiting
  • Vomiting out sour matter, with sour taste in the mouth
  • Complaints are aggravated for the past 7-8 days by travelling in a car which is a daily affair for her, as she has to drive to her workplace (bank)
  • In these 4-5 days she has already lost 1 kilogram of weight.
  • There is thirst but, every attempt to drink water or juice ends in vomiting.

Another complaint she had was of indigestion which started few days back.

She has chronic complaint of acidity accompanied by vomiting and rash on the body. Rash was very itchy and would be relieved only after vomiting.

Her acute case was taken into account and she was given Nux Vomica 200. But it was of little help to her as her indigestion improved but not her menace of morning sickness.

Later the whole of the case details was analyzed, and the second prescription of Ipecac was made. To her relief the menace finally ended, as she responded within a week to the medicines. Also her rash and acidity complaints were much better. She can now eat properly and do her daily chores without any difficulty. The patient was asked to continue treatment with her gynecologist and come for consultation if needed.

Homoeopathy thus successfully freed the pregnant lady from the menace of morning sickness