Homeopathy successfully treated Migraine & OCD.
A lady who was obsessed with cleanliness and orderliness to such an extent, that it was causing trouble to her; along with severe headache and migraine was relieved with homeopathy.
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A lady of 46 years age came with complaint of continuous and constant headache with nausea. Pain travelled from temples to the top of the head to the neck. It was worse by computers, reading, TV, sun, heat, afternoon and better by sleep, open air. She felt great constriction in head with heaviness. Her hairs had become dry and thin. Hair fall was too much from last few months.

She was tall and well built. Her appetite was diminished with fullness of abdomen. She liked chocolates and pickles and hated bread and meat. She was constipated most of the time. Sweat was scanty. She liked hot climate. She had salivation during sleep. She had dreams of death and disease.

She was very irritable, if things were not kept clean, perfect and organized. She was sensitive, weepy when sad, gloomy and depressed, could not stay alone.

She always used to clean. Her mother-in-law was very conservative and interfering and took all due credits from her. She was very sensitive. Her blood pressure increased, when she was pregnant for first time. Severe morning sickness was awful, and she wept constantly. Her baby was born with cleft lip, which became major issue and she was held guilty.

She was given Kali Carbonicum 200. With steady treatment her headache improved. Kali Carbonica 1M was given. After 1 month there was improvement in her fastidiousness. She was behaving normally. Headache also vanished.

Homeopathy eased life of patient through effective treatment.