A Challenging Case of Metrorrhagia and Piles is successfully treated with Homeopathy
A lady with metrorrhagia (excess vaginal bleeding) and constipation found her solution in Homeopathy. So accurate was the action of the medicine that she found relief within just a week.
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A 52 year old lady came with complaint of metrorrhagia (excessive bleeding from the vagina) since 7-8 months. She also had constipation.

Conventional medicines did not help her all. Finally she went to a surgeon who advised her for surgical removal of uterus. She, however, was not very keen and decided to try Homeopathy first.

She had bleeding which was exceedingly prostrating. Bleeding was passive in character accompanied by pain. There was bearing down sensation while walking.

It consisted of oozing with bright-red colored discharge and few clots passed in gushes. She had constipation because of painful piles. There was no relief from any suppository or enema.

On examination she had bloated appearance and swollen extremities. Occasionally she had stitches from right to left across the pit of stomach and it was quite sensitive to jolt or jarring. There were hot flushes on her face which came frequently. Her feet were always cold. She felt better by warm socks. At night her soles became so hot that she had to remove feet out of blanket and cool them.

There was heat in the vertex. She also had empty feeling in the stomach in the afternoon. She could not tolerate hunger.

She used to lie on right side because lying on the left side was followed by intolerable restlessness.

On the basis of symptoms Sulphur was given. A week after commencing the medicine the hemorrhage ceased and bowels became regular.

We continued with her medicines, and shortly after her first consultation, she was completely relieved.

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