Homoeopathy gifts joy of fatherhood to a husband with male infertility
This couple married for 5 long years now, desirous of a child have been trying all avenues and means to attain parenthood. In this case husband was taking efforts to treat his infertility to help them materialize their desire for child. The couple tried but all efforts were in vain till the day they witnessed what homoeopathy could do to help them.
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Husband 33 years old and wife 27 years old consulted for not been able to have a child. On investigations it was found that the husband had male infertility-having low sperm count and motility. Since then they have left no stone unturned to fulfil their desire. Husband's infertility issues were left unsolved for the last 2 years, it was then they consulted a homoeopath.

After detailed talk with the couple, discussed their problem; then the treatment started for the husband and he was given SELENIUM 200. After a month, the report showed that the sperm count had increased from 5 million to 12 million. SELENIUM 1M was given next and three months later- it was found that the sperm count was at 70 million.

Before treatment


During treatment


After treatment


Thus homoeopathy gave a man with male infertility the ultimate joy of fatherhood, as the couple were soon blessed with their own child.

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