Homoeopathy gives renewed flexibility of back to a house wife with lumbar spondylitis
A 48 year old housewife having lower backache radiating to right leg for many years, diagnosed as lumbar spondylitis gets a new lease of flexibility for her back with homoeopathic treatment.
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A 48 year old house-wife suffered a sudden episode of lower back pain while doing house hold work 5years ago; and since then the pain kept lingering on and off. She could barely stand for 15 minutes at a stretch and would end up with excruciating lower back pain radiating to right leg up to toes with numbness of leg.This would only be relieved by lying down for 30 minutes before she could even think of standing up again.

MRI showed degeneration of discs at L3-4, L 4-5 and L5-S1, with annular bulge at L4-5 impinging on the nerve root on the right side. Orthopaedic consultants had advised surgery for her condition.

Her favourite activity of sightseeing became a dreaded task because of her pains and had to be let go. She did not want to miss the tours and journeys to new destinations which had brought her so much joy.

However, she dreaded surgery too as she had an impending fear that she would not able to do any daily activities at all. Above all else, she did not want to lead a compromised and helpless life.

She was slightly obese and was nearing her menopausal period.

At this point of time homoeopathy was suggested to her by her well-wishers, and she accordingly found a homoeopathic physician to help her.

Her treatment started with Dioscorea villosa 200 followed by 1M; then was given Gnaphalium 200; Syphilinum 1M over a period of 6 months. She was advised to take colocynth 200 SOS for pains. She was advised to go for physiotherapy for 2 weeks.

She lost weight too as advised by the physician, approx 9 kilos in 5 months and now with renewed flexibility of her back, she can stand for a good long 2hrs without any lingering pains.

She was kept on Calcarea phos 6C for few days, later Syphilinum 1M was given.

At the end of 1 year with renewed flexibility and pain free condition- she could stand for 3 long hours at a stretch. With controlled weight and regular physiotherapy as adjuvant after concluding the treatment, she is now enjoying sightseeing with her renewed flexibility of back.

It has been 3 years since then and the housewife has continued to be free of her pains.