Recurrence to Kidney Stones Effectively Flushed Out with Homeopathy
Recurrent kidney stones in 35 year-old male since 10 long years were finally put to rest with effective homeopathic medicines.
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A man aged 35 years, came with history of recurrent kidney stones since 10 years. There were stones in left kidney. He had history of passing stones 4 -5 times in last 10 years.

There was increased frequency of urination with vomiting. He feared operations a lot. He was admitted but did not undergo surgery. Pain was so terrible that he became unconscious with pain. There was much restlessness in him.

He had complained of headache at the vertex area. There was pulling pain which decreased by pressure and lying down. He was irritable and desired to hit. He had backache which reduced on bending forwards. He craved meat, eggs and fish. He hated sweets and bitter things. Thirst was moderate.

He had 6 brothers. He was married and had a daughter. He was working but since the onset of disease, he became very religious. He got so religious that he did not want to change his dress code, so he lost his job. Since then he started putting attar.

Since he was jobless, wife and daughter were staying at their mother's house and were not ready to come back. He felt guilty of the whole situation. It led to irritability, which got expressed in the form of desire to hit.

His X-Ray showed left renal calculi.

On basis of his symptoms he was given Lachesis 30.

After 1 month his pain reduced. Urinary frequency also decreased. His irritability also decreased. After another month, His X Ray showed no stones. Pain totally subsidized. His mood also improved.

Homeopathy's effective and prompts treatment left patient happy and satisfied.