Homoeopathy helps a HR executive to reach the target of getting rid of recurring kidney stones
A HR Executive finally frees himself from the stubborn recurring kidney stones with the help of homoeopathic treatment. He had several recurrences of these kidney stones accompanied by the menace of excruciating pains. He did not achieve any significant relief even after undergoing several lithotripsies- so he decided to try homoeopathy.
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A busy HR Executive turns to the homoeopathic physician with complaints of recurrent kidney stones which have been troubling him immensely, in spite of 3 lithotripsies over the last 5 years. He visited the physician complaining of severe colicky pain over the right side of abdomen. The pain had started 3 days before this visit along with several episodes of increasing pains. The pain was associated with nausea and scanty urination; and he could barely sit or stand due to the restlessness caused by the pain. He also developed a fever. Despite this perturbed state, he continued to perform well and execute his job in a dominating way.

The USG showed 2 calculi-4mm and 6mm-in the pelvis and the lower pole of the right kidney, respectively.

A detailed case study proceeded with the treatment by prescribing him Lycopodium 0/1 dissolved in water for 3 days. He was also advised to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages.

After 3 days he came back to the physician in complete astonishment. He had passed two stones and wanted to know what was the plan executed by the physician to treat him??

Four years have gone by since then, and he still keeps visiting the physician every year as part of routine annual medical check- up recommended by his company.

Following USGs have been consistently confirming his state of freedom from kidney stones; so he has been freed from stubborn kidney stones.